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Pebble Fina

Pebble Fina® is Pebble Technology Inc.’s latest innovation in superior quality pool finishes. The enduring classic elegance of Pebble Fina pool finish combines old world beauty and durability with new world technology to offer a luxurious, smooth, durable and affordable interior.

Pebble Fina pool finish incorporates the ancient Greek and Roman use of pozzolans into the cement mixture, providing strength and durability for a longer-lasting finish with increased density that resists etching.

  • Colorful aggregates from around the world create 14 European‐inspired colors.
  • Most colors contain small seashell pieces to further enhance the beauty of thepool interior while adding brilliant sparkle to the water.
  • As with Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen® and Bead Crete® pool finishes, only skilledinstallers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc. can apply a Pebble Fina® brand
    pool finish.
  • A Pebble Fina® pool finish will maintain its smooth texture and inviting appearance much longer than traditional plaster.

Tuscan Sun

Sapphire Galaxy


Fresca Verde

Emerald Galaxy

Egyptian Sands


Cielo Blue

Black Galaxy

Bermuda Shores

Bella Blue

Bahama Rose

Amber Fields