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Beadcrete Plaster

Beadcrete® pool surface technology is the latest development in concrete pool finishes. Beadcrete® contains solid, inert, glass spheres that are locked into carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer­‐modified cements. This creates a truly unique 3-dimensional effect. Beadcrete® is the only patented glass finish. It is applied and finished in a similar way to PebbleTec® brand finishes. Like other Pebble Technology® products, Beadcrete® can be applied to prepared masonry surfaces such as swimming pools, spas, water features and fountains. This new product line maintains the integrity of our other products by bringing you a unique finish that is durable, beautiful, and elegant.

Crystal Series is an elegant all glass bead pool finish that brings unique combination of brilliance and natural color to your swimming pool. With the constant changing angle of the daytime sun, your pool finish will reflect crystal-­like accents of light in a beautiful array of hues and shades. Choose from 12 elegant glass bead color combinations.

  • Smooth / Durable / Attractive
  • Highly Stain Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • Unique Retro-­‐reflective Brilliance
  • Available in 12 colors

White Diamonds

Tahoe Blue

Aqua Blue

Sea Breeze


Mardi Gras



Water Blue







Blue Mist

Black Splash

Black Sea

Aqua Splash

Aqua Marine